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Michael Gulbankian

Finally a hard hitting rock sound with excellent tone. Excellent guitar tone and playing ability. Great drum and bass tones!
Sounds great, will listen to it often and tell my associates. Best of Luck! Buy it now!

Alan Howard

Shit! Just listened to some songs, and man I was floored. Guitar playing like I wish I could play, and they know how to write songs with hooks. I cant wait to get it, and not hear it over the internet. This shit will floor that rock crap most labels put out nowadays. They could change Rocks direction like Guns, and Roses or something. Maybe I will look for the package deal the other review talked about but either way I have to get it soon.

Bobby Miles

I listened to the tracks, and after about two times of each one I realized I was listening to some good Rock,and Roll. power Rock but with a lot of different textures. Good tunes. You should get this to Radio. I listened over, and over, and will buy the cd for the money. After reading your web stuff it sounds like you guys are headed for the top. Kick the pussy Rock Pop shit in the ass. Blink 182 ? Please! This Rocks!

Doc Holliday

Now THIS is rock 'n' roll! Energetic, electrifying, sometimes haunting, Dichotomy nails it from the first note, and the ride just keeps on going.

I could hear influences of Rush, Cream, Hendrix, Beatles, Mayall, jazz, fusion, classic rock, and on and on.

One thing's for sure--this music was meant to be played LOUD. I need bigger speakers. :)


I listened for the first time, and was blown away from what I heard.This is real raw Rock, and Roll. I recommend it to anyone who likes guitar driven Rock. I went to their web, and saw a package deal for $20.00 so I will have to buy cd there since I get the cd, shirt,pick, and tattoo for all that. I might just buy one from the site since I can use one as a gift. Either way I am stocked. Great band, Great songs! Deano George is amazing guitar player with soul.

Debbi Haag

You gotta hear this! Fantastic! Pure American Rock n Roll!

This Rocks! A must for every person! Sit back, crank up the music, and enjoy! I was hooked from the very first song! I would love to see them live! Keep it up!