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About the journey, The PROJECTS!



Shades was made up of a foursome...DEANO GEORGE, JAMES THOMAS, JOHN VERA, AND MARTIN CROWE.

I love these guys. We were brothers of the soul. We had a special thing and I am forever grateful for those times. Like anything in life there's bigger reasons things happen...

Deano Jimmy & friend Clackers Kay jammed endless hours of blues & rock. The incarnation of what would become Shades Of Blue. There are demos of us on a two track jamming in the city of industry with the smell of flesh burning a half a block down the street from some factory. The demos showed the fire and electric sound that would eventually be the Foursome SHADES OF BLUE. Deano decided that he needed a more rooted bass player that would not stray too far off to showcase the songs he was writing. They finally auditioned by putting an ad out calling for serious souls. Clakers Kay went on to do what he does best and still to this day plays everywhere and anywhere he can. A great bass player and a key to Deano & Jimmy getting the band started. The demos are fun to listen to and are the root of started it all. The serious souls that showed up together at the audition ? MARTIN CROWE (harp)& JOHN VERA (bass). They just happen to come at the same time not knowing that DEANO & JIMMY would then ask both to Join the band. 

Deano started the band from his apartment writing songs, coming up with the logo and name dreaming he could get this off the ground. He paid his dues like the old days over hundreds of hours of writing ,rehearsing and eventually hundreds of shows. Deano Studied the great blues artists he loved and he became obsessed with playing the blues his way with his influences. He was quickly picked up by Manager Hilly BJ  Samelton and off they went. They played bar and club in southern CA, eventually making their way to bigger halls, private events, private parties, and put their stamp that they were the hardest rocking blues band in Southern CA and opened for the likes of some of the past greats and many times blowing some off them off the stage. They even played Hells Angel Keg parties. Looking back they were an electrifying band live and the party then went on and on. Deano, the primary writer, and visionary of over 90 % of the songs recorded by the band rehearsed ,recorded as much as possible pushing everyone ahead. Serious souls, live at BB kings, live at the House of blues and the unreleased 5 song epic EP  "THE VAULT!  " I believe this was some of the best new Blues soul rock music made in decades"  I decided to move the band into a more Blues Rock formatt with the likes of his Partner Drummer "James Thomas". That came with some friction but he knew he had to move the band forward. People came from all over to see them play live with the dual guitar and harp solos, pounding rock drumming, smooth vocals and big bass tones, Classic smooth vocals by john as well as a young but belting like vocals being developed over time by Deano. They were getting pulled in by Alligator and Interscope records but was it was shelved and never released due to the break up. It was about to explode but it imploded! That unreleased material from the sessions is available on Sound Cloud to be shared for free for fans everywhere. Title was to be "IN THE SHADE"  but due to Deano feeling it was not a togteher band anymore called it  "THE VAULT" We finally found our signature sound by adding a B3 player and carried the rock into the blues more than ever something that would cross them over into more mainstream Progressive Blues music. Then ? The music stopped. Life went on, and the music did too.



A couple years later he formed with the likes of a great talented drummer Ed Defour who he met early in his life from Manager Hilly BJ Samelton. Both were dear Friends of Hilly. The connection was made. From there, Ed brought in bass player Michael Paige who then played with Crown of Thorns to mention one of his projects and many more projects. They quickly made Looking Out the inside, a cd of where Shades Of Blue left off but in even a more Rock driven manner. Adding background girls that could really sing gave him the touch he wanted ansd the guitar ? Full throttle. A Full length CD on his own Indie label that allowed shows at a higher level then ever before, radio and sales of cd's that brought new life to the future of where he was going. Hearing Trippin on You for the first time on the radio was amazing. The music was a guitar playing playground yet in a song formatt. The tunes were recorded by Grammy winning ENGINEER /PRODUCER Dino Maddalone at the M4 recording studio and written arranged & produced by Deano George. Deano won a billboard song writing achievement award for One More day! and landed many endorsements that followed.




The self titled Album "DGP" was a blisstering EP of killer rock tunes and was sold now outside the US as well. Featuring the songs RIDE, VIEW, AROUND THE SUN and a few more they quickly captured the audience and listener. Pushing the envelope he featured the great Jimbo Ross Violinist on the song "VIEW" plugging him into his amp and wah and said now Jimbo lay a track on this tune. A more raw rock record with better vocals Deano now was endorsed, backed and selling independent cds in 5 countries . What was next ? 


Bringing back Michael Paige on bass from  looking out the inside cd, Deano self recorded this one in his own home studio for the first time. Backed by EMG and the late "Jak Nau" DEANO was the featured headliner at EMG NAMM show along with the song landing him on EMG 25 ann CD and played on many rock stations throughout the country. Playing Guitar centers personal performances in CA and playing shows that brought critical acclaim he now reached a new level of status. His cd was included in the EMG signature pickup set as well sold throughout the World. His best Selling CD to date. Packed with guitar you will hear the songs touched on all emotions. 

Following this CD he produced, co-wrote songs with many, and appeared on over a dozen records as a guest. 


Its about to get loud he said and he will be performing and putting new music out this year 2020

More to come!